type Time = string | Seconds | TimeObject | Subdivision

Time can be described in a number of ways. Read more Time.

  • Numbers, which will be taken literally as the time (in seconds).
  • Notation, ("4n", "8t") describes time in BPM and time signature relative values.
  • TransportTime, ("4:3:2") will also provide tempo and time signature relative times in the form BARS:QUARTERS:SIXTEENTHS.
  • Frequency, ("8hz") is converted to the length of the cycle in seconds.
  • Now-Relative, ("+1") prefix any of the above with "+" and it will be interpreted as "the current time plus whatever expression follows".
  • Object, ({"4n" : 3, "8t" : -1}). The resulting time is equal to the sum of all of the keys multiplied by the values in the object.
  • No Argument, for methods which accept time, no argument will be interpreted as "now" (i.e. the currentTime).